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How often do you really get to share your work experiences with people outside your culture? Or with people from a different country? I was afforded one such opportunity through my work with HIMSS Nursing Informatics efforts.

HIMSS NI UKThe 2013 United Kingdom (UK) Nursing Informatics (NI) Leadership US Immersion Study was a joint effort between HIMSS, HIMSS Europe and Cerner.  The three partners launched a year-long initiative aimed at promoting the role of UK nurses in implementing and using information technology. Culminating the year-long initiative was a hosted nursing leadership delegation trip to Chicago in June 2013. A 10 person delegation of nursing informatics leaders was selected from across the UK to meet with US nursing informatics leaders, to visit key US health care institutions that use nursing informatics in their care delivery, and to meet with other provider, supplier and government leaders.

The UK NI leadership delegation explored innovative technology and had the opportunity to meet with nurse executive leaders and dialogue with nursing informatics colleagues at each facility. Our goal was to provide a broader understanding of exceptional care delivery and the contribution of nursing and IT. The group was led by one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with: Anne Cooper who is the Clinical Informatics Advisor (Nursing) at NHS England.

Each organization that we visited had a specific focus:

Being able to explore informatics on my home turf, as a native Chicagoan, and share this opportunity with international colleagues was among the top 5 things I’ve done at HIMSS. Think about it. How often do YOU get to share what you do each day with a different group? I hope each of you is afforded that opportunity both within your informatics arena and outside of it. And I encourage you to read the  future blog posts from our UK Nursing Leaders about what they learned during their visit. They’re sure to be a good read!


About Christel Anderson

Christel Anderson, is HIMSS Director, Clinical Informatics
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3 Responses to NI UK – US Study Trip Blogs- Nursing Informatics across the Pond

  1. Jo Dickson says:

    Thanks Christel. As one of those fortunate to be involved in the trip just wanted to say it was certainly in my Top 5 things I’ve done in my nursing career too! You were an amazing host, and a great representative of the warmth and willingness to share of everyone we met on our visit (and Chicagoans in general). I think we were all overwhelmed by the people we met, and their obvious pride in their profession and their hospitals. I learnt a huge amount which I have already started to share in my practice here in the UK. Thanks again for the opportunity!

  2. Lynn Woods says:

    Thanks Christel, I too participated in the immersion tour, it was a fantastic experience and I want to see more! As a commissioning nurse leader it has given me insight into nurse informatics and knowledge and skills I can transfer into my own role so I can be supportive and challenging to nurses locally. It was a privilege to meet you and all the inspiring professionals who gave up their time so freely! (plotting my return!!)

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