Tim Pletcher on the Value of Health IT

Tim Pletcher, Executive Director, Michigan Health Information Network (MiGIN) discusses the value of Health Information Exchange (HIE).

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One Response to Tim Pletcher on the Value of Health IT

  1. Brad Tritle says:

    As a former HIE executive, and one primarily focused now on both patient engagement and population health, I am pleased to hear Mr. Pletcher’s expectations of bringing more value to patients (specifically as users) via HIE. If both architected correctly, and positioned/marketed correctly with consumers, HIE’s value can go up incredibly – including spawning economic development for those regions that foster this consumer market (by making the data available and encouraging consumer app development/use). We wrote a white paper on both the increased value and new opportunities for HIE business models when engaging consumers at the Health Record Banking Alliance (HRBA; http://www.healthbanking.org) We can look at what HealthShare Montana accomplished under the ONC Consumer Innovation Challenge, by providing their data directly to employer-sponsored PHR Dossia, as one example of such new value. Interestingly, the architecture and consent mechanisms that result in more value for consumers also facilitates better population health management, including public health and academic research. HealthShare Montana is also one of the few HIOs with a clinical data repository to achieve both use cases. I encourage all HIE/HIO execs to ask non-healthcare computer scientists’ input relative to architecture, and/or you can also read the HRBA white paper on architecture available at the same URL mentioned above. No value = no business model. Right architecture + patient engagement = platform for continuous evolving of new value, and a wide variety of business models. In this last year of ONC HIE funding, I encourage HIE/HIO execs to spend significant time on this subject. The best is yet to come!

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