Management’s Role in Transitioning to the Electronic Health Record

A Q/A with Noelle Parker, MBA; Missouri Quality Improvement Network Team Manager

Q. What is the Missouri Primary Care Association? A. The Missouri Primary Care Association (MPCA) is a statewide organization of Community Health Centers, formed to strengthen the community-based primary health care delivery system for all Missourians with a particular emphasis on the provision of comprehensive primary healthcare to the medically underserved.

Noelle Parker

Noelle Parker

Q. At HIMSS13 Online, your session,  “Successfully Transitioning to an EHR-Role of the Practice Manager,” looks at both meaningful use and the practice manager’s role in managing both. First, can you talk about the challenges a practice manager faces in making that transition – from paper to digital records, maybe 3 top challenges? 

A. Here are 4 challenges to consider.

-Change Management:  Resistance to change from internal/external sources is normal.  Practice managers need to identify ways to help clinics overcome this barrier.     

-Lack of planning for necessary resources can negatively impact the EHR transition.

-No having the administrative support for resources (money and staff).  You need support from the top down.

-Lack of data validation – it is important that your data reflects the quality of care you provide.  GIGO – garbage in garbage out.  if you don’t validate your data you will end up with inaccurate data.

Q. Now, for the second part of my question, can you discuss meaningful use? I know you will cover this in your session. Can you preview, say one or two best practices, you will be sharing?  

A. My answers follow. 

-Building a team that has a diverse in skill set and knowledge. 

-Identifying a physician champion to instill confidence in clinical staff as well as drive   change and help achieve buy-in. Your team will help drive change needed to achieve meaningful use as well as pave the way with staff and providers.   

-Identifying and setting clear and concise goals to help achieve meaningful use.  It is important that everyone within the organization understands why they are doing this and how they play a part in achieving meaningful use. 

-Data validating is a must. Need to have confidence in the data.

Q. Can you share a patient story or example of how this transition has worked for Missouri Primary Care – something related to the use of the EHR, and patients, if you have one – or maybe with clinicians and the practice manager? 

A. EHR implementation is achieved by creating the right team who are responsible for ensuring the following happens. Steps to consider are

-Chart a course….

-Identify  roles and responsibilities for each team member

-Set goals and timelines

-Develop and implement a plan of action

-Develop and ensure a clear communications strategy

-Monitor  and reassess progress

-Celebrate success throughout the journey

Noelle Parker joined the Missouri Primary Care Association in April 2010. Mrs. Parker is the MOQuIN Team Manager and is a member of the Missouri Center for Primary Care Quality and Excellence team for the Association. She provides leadership and facilitates technical assistance and training on health information technology, health information exchange, electronic practice management and medical records systems, quality improvement, patient-centered health homes, and partnership development to the health centers and partners. Mrs. Parker holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and a Master of Business Administration.  Mrs. Parker comes to the Association with 15-plus years of experience in healthcare management and is a member of Medical Group Management Association. 

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Joyce Lofstrom, MS, APR, is HIMSS Senior Director, Corporate Communications.
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