Networking through the HIMSS Veterans Career Services Initiative

Networking is a key component in transitioning from a military to civilian career.  Networking involves developing a system of individuals who will share information to help you find jobs and advance your careers.  It is said that up to 80 percent of all jobs are found through networking.  Along with finding jobs and advancing your career, networking can also provide support and education.  Those within your professional network may have the experience to assist you in gaining additional knowledge about career programs, tools, resources and also can provide advice when problem solving.   Sometimes, it IS all about who you know.

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Connecting the Dots between Healthcare Delivery and Economic Growth

The evolution of healthcare delivery as a catalyst for improving the overall economy in Cleveland, Ohio, and the surrounding Rustbelt area of the country led the discussion recently at the Global Center for Health Innovation and HIMSS Innovation Center. CNBC’s Scott Cohn talked with Toby Cosgrove, MD, president and CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, about the connection between healthcare delivery and economic growth.

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Creating Credible Educational Content that is Meaningful: Our Journey

The integrity of our HIMSS15 educational content is my professional quest: I pledge that the HIMSS Professional Development Team will do all that we can to inspire our Faculty to deliver educational content that is commercial-free, unbiased, and addresses your challenges and opportunities of transforming health IT.  You, as a HIMSS15 attendee, are our trusted education partner.  And we depend upon you.  We not only rely upon your comments and feedback but also depend upon them.  You’ve shared the good, the bad, and the ugly with us.  And we’ve learned from it, we’ve adjusted our programming, and we’ve eliminated what didn’t make sense.  So thank you wholeheartedly for your candidness!

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New HIE Research

by: Mari Greenberger, MPPA, co-authored by Gary W. Ozanich, Ph.D.

Two important federally funded studies that take a rigorous approach to HIE research have recently been published.  The first is the RAND Corporation’s Usage and Effect of Health Information Exchange:  A Systematic Review published in December, and the second is AHRQ’s Guide to Evaluating Health Information Exchange Projects published in September.  What both of these studies have in common is an appreciation for how narrow HIE research has been to date as well as a discussion of how these research limitations can be addressed.

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The Maker Culture in Healthcare – Diabetes

While Nick Dawson called for a maker culture in healthcare a year ago, the maker culture has already arrived in the diabetes community. The maker culture is defined as “a contemporary culture or subculture representing a technology-based extension of DIY culture” (Wikipedia).  There is already and active Maker Nurse community. Do-it-yourself (DIY) orientation has not come naturally to medicine where dependence on guidance from physicians has been the tradition.

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A Day in the Life of a Clinical Informaticist

by Darcy Bowling RN, CI-Surgery Clinical Informaticist and  Maria Fera RN, BSN CI- Nursing Clinical Informaticist 

With the implementation of our EHR in June of 2013, Clinical Informatics has definitely been an up and coming department consisting of a diverse team of clinicians.  To sustain an EHR, our Clinical Informatics team requires expert knowledge from all departments within the organization. The diverse expertise of a Clinical Informatics team (CI) allows clinicians and providers within the entire health system to use an electronic health record that enhances patient safety and provides efficiency in documentation and continuity of care across all disciplines.

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What Caregivers Need from Health IT

As we become immersed in the sights and sounds of the holiday season, there is a largely invisible group of people struggling to balance its daily responsibilities with the added stress of the holidays – family caregivers. I am one of 93 million (i) family caregivers in the United States who will provide an estimated $522 billion (ii) in care for our loved ones. We are the perfect audience to both use and influence the development of health information technology. But these emerging tools must support our specific information needs to become a permanent component of our caregiving toolbox. Continue reading

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Give a Little Health IT Thanks this Holiday Season


Grumpy Cat may not support more coordinated care, but the health IT community is definitely on board. Last week, healthcare brands, advocates and professionals shared messages of gratitude for what they feel is working in digital health. This practice was started last year by the HL7Standards team to encourage the community to stop focusing on what isn’t working and applaud the progress that’s been made. Find some of this year’s messages of #HITthanks below and share your own gratitude on Twitter or Facebook. Continue reading

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Best Practices for Patient Portals

By Janice Jacobs, Healthcare Life Sciences (HCLS) Social Media Director, Dell Services

According to Gartner, by 2016, 89% of companies will compete mostly on customer/consumer experience. Now, the skeptics in the world might doubt that healthcare will see this large of a percentage of their target audience focused on customer experience, but most progressive Healthcare Organizations are getting very focused on thinking of patient and caregivers as “consumers.”

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Giving Thanks without Burning Down the House

Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with traditions.  Usually those traditions are built around food.  For some, it is stuffing just like their Grandma made, filled with meats, bread and spices.  For others it is canned cranberry sauce, the sloosh sound it makes when it releases from the can and the art deco ridges from the can’s shape molded into the gelatinous sauce.

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