HIE inPractice Blog Series: Using HIE Metrics to Address Quality of Care and ROI

by: Dr. Satyendra Kaith, Adjunct Professor, Kaplan University, School of Business and Information Technology

While most experts on health information exchange (HIE) agree with the transformational potential of HIEs to support a system that delivers coordinated, affordable and quality healthcare services, recent research and events highlight the lack of robust empirical evidence of HIEs improving quality of care and providing value to patients and to participating entities.

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Innovation as Radical Common Sense

by: Gregory Makoul, PhD MS

Greg MakoulWhat is innovation?  There are many answers to that question, not all of them helpful.  It’s more than a new idea, process or tool.  It’s more than improvement, more than being creative, and more than commercialization.

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What Direction is the Wind blowing?

On April 12 in Chicago, a.k.a “The Windy City,” the wind will be blowing in the direction of The McCormick Place Convention Center for our HIMSS15 annual conference.  Have you ever visited Chicago or attended a HIMSS conference?  If not, do you know what to expect?

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Health IT Careers; In Demand Now

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) has projected the growth rate of healthcare occupations will increase by 21 percent over the next five years.  The health IT industry will be looking to fill thousands of new positions.  For veterans, due to their wealth of experience and advanced skills in a wide range of technologies, a second career in healthcare information technology might be a perfect fit.

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HIE inPractice Blog Series: Access to Public Health Registries

by: Noam Arzt,  PhD, FHIMSS, President, HLN Consulting, LLC, and Rick Edwards, Director, Iatric Systems, Inc

A public health registry is defined as, “…an organized system for the collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, and dissemination of information on individual persons who have either a particular disease, a condition (e.g., a risk factor) that predisposes to the occurrence of a health-related event, or prior exposure to substances (or circumstances) known or suspected to cause adverse health effects.”[1]

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Health IT Contributes to a Prosperous Economy

HIMSS is excited to see President Obama using the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland, home to our HIMSS Innovation Center, as the site of his speech on jobs and the economy.  A prosperous economy, like the one President Obama spoke of today, can involve several different industries and arenas.   Continue reading

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Realizing a Learning Health System: Engaging Your HIMSS15 Experience to Transform Health

by: Jon Mertz, chair of the HIMSS Social Media Task Force

The HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition is an opportunity to learn about health information technology, patient engagement, trends in standards and regulations, and much more. A community gathers to share experiences and gain insights in the important work of delivering high quality care in a cost-effective way.

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HIMSS15 Physician Faculty: Addressing Both High Tech and High Touch of Health IT

At the HIMSS15, peer-reviewed educational sessions occur in both Pre-Conference and General Education programs.  In the pre-conference education program, we are pleased to offer 10 symposia and 2 workshops.  And for general education programming, we offer 16 concurrent sessions across a total of 15 timeslots that address 22 different topic categories.

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New Mobile Health Trends and their effect on HIEs, Part 2

by Eric Pupo, MBA, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, Deloitte and Sandy Dolabany, Deloitte

Non-Existent Mobile Device Protocols

For some newer devices, there is limited protocol support and understanding that would support the exchange of information. Also newer devices, such as fitness trackers, lack any specific standardized protocols to draw from as numerous vendors implement different types of devices and algorithms. This is of specific relevance to HIEs as the need for interoperability between newer consumer devices and larger healthcare organizations is real and growing, and HIEs will need to support a growing number of potential standards.

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My Contribution to Nursing Knowledge

Mary Beth Mitchellby: Mary Beth Mitchell, MSN, RN, BC, CPHIMS, CNIO- Texas Health Resources

“Tell them what you do,” says my 87-year old, beaming mother, as she introduces me to a couple of new friends in her assisted living center.  I start by saying that I’m a registered nurse, but am currently working as an informatics nurse, implementing the electronic health records, and other technologies that nurses use.  Of course, I had no way of knowing that the 90-year old woman facing me was a retired physician who says, “Well that’s crazy, EHR’s will never work, I’m just glad I retired before I was forced to use one!”  (She had been retired almost 30 years.)  Needless to say, my mother’s smiling face, turned to confusion, as I muttered something about needing to get my mother back to her room.

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