A CCHIT Conversation – Challenges of ONC HIT Certification

by Alisa Ray, Executive Director, CCHIT  

As many readers of this blog know, CCHIT is no longer certifying EHR technology in the ONC HIT Certification Program.  Rather, we are devoting our efforts to helping our health IT community navigate the complexities of the current round of testing and achieving certification.

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For the Thought of a Bite of Chocolate

All Jan Scheuermann wanted was to have a bite of chocolate. That is not true. There were many more things Jan wanted, like to lift up her children, like to hold her husband’s hand, even to pump her fist in the air every time Jerome Bettis make a touchdown, but a bite of chocolate stayed there, a formerly simple pleasure always in the back of her mind. Simple pleasures became a lot less simple for Jan in 2000, when problems walking led to a rare diagnosis of spinocerebellar degeneration. By 2012, Jan could, as, as Antonio Regalado in his June 17  article in the MIT Technology Review “The Thought Experiment” describers her, “…feel her body, but the nerves that carry signals out from her brain no longer work. Her brain says “Move,” but her limbs can’t hear.” But Jan, who in her dreams is not disabled, who jokes with people who are late for meetings by saying “oh, I was just sitting around,” eventually got her piece of chocolate.

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HIMSS vMentors for Veterans Looking to Join the Field of Health IT

The word mentor is derived from Mentor, the name of a wise and trusted counselor in Greek mythology and a character in Homer’s The Odyssey. The word is typically used in correlation to teachers, coaches, peers and those that we form a lasting developmental relationship.  Mentorship provides guidance, knowledge from someone with greater experiences and wisdom, and it encourages a person to grow and develop both professionally and personally.

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7 Important Soft Skills for Health IT Consultants

Frank Myeroffby Frank Myeroff, President, Direct Consulting Associates,  a Supporting Collaborator at the HIMSS Innovation Center

Google “soft skills” and you’ll find that they are defined as the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people.

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Health IT Was Not My Original Career Goal….

Like most little girls I wanted to be a princess or a ballerina.  As I got older my career goals changed from one day to the next.  I remember wanting to be a lawyer; in my mind I was always right.  I would argue anyone until the bitter end, determined to have the last say.  I also considered becoming a pediatrician because I wanted to help people.  Family members also made suggestions for me to become an engineer, teacher, accountant or a nurse.  Well, I knew immediately engineering and accounting were out.  I believed math was designed to fluster me and only me.  Becoming a teacher, um, maybe?  My grandmother had more than 20 years experience as a Department of Defense (DoD) teacher with most of that time being stationed in Frankfurt, Germany.  If I could be a teacher like my grandmother, traveling the world and teaching military dependents, maybe, but those were some BIG shoes to fill.

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Health IT Regulation Remains HIMSS Focus

This week, HIMSS submitted its third set of comments in 12 months on the topic of FDASIA. FDASIA, or the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act, was signed into law in July of 2012, and expandedthe FDA’s authorities by collecting user fees on medical devices, speed innovation and promote stakeholder involvement. Since then, HIMSS and the collective health IT community (including the federal government) has been seeking to define exactly how—and how much—involvement the government will have in regards to health IT regulation in the broad sense.

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Long-time HIMSS Volunteer Passes Away

We are sorry to note the passing of long-time HIMSS volunteer, Robin Raiford, RN-BC, CPHIMS, FHIMSS.  She was a Senior Research Director at The Advisory Board Company’s Health Care IT Advisor. Continue reading

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Closing the Gap – Veteran Unemployment and Health IT Careers

Each month the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes the current economic climate data.  Looking at data among 18-25 year old veterans, statics show fluctuation over the last year with a high in Jan 2013 of 36.2 percent and the current rate, lowest in the last 6 years at 9.6 percent.  Previous figures from 2008 to 2012 had a low of 12.4 percent and high of 37.9 percent.  Current overall veteran unemployment rate is 6.8 percent (as of May 2014).

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Establishing Digital Identities for Healthcare

by Mike Kroll, manager, technology solutions, HIMSS 

At HIMSS, we continually work with HIMSS members, staff and other stakeholders on how technology can be leveraged by healthcare providers to enhance health and better healthcare. One of the rewards of this work is seeing health IT in action, so when I visit my doctor I am always interested to learn how his organization is utilizing health IT to carry out its work. I experienced one such example on a recent visit for my yearly(ish) wellness checkup.

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Life and Death and Innovation

How Patients’ and Caregivers’ User Experiences Have Driven Healthcare Innovation

For Ed Damiano, his motivation was playing basketball with his son David.

For Earle Dickson, his motivation was to help his wife after a tough time making dinner.

For David Muir, his motivation was to speak.

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